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Very overdue update!

Here we are, how many months into the year? Shocking not caring about my site or my zine….

Anyway since last year I have got a new job, and have had to do masses of research, this has kept me really busy, and away to some extent from my creativity. That said, I have been sketch book working, designing and organising my Christmas cards and designing and making ‘pilgrims pockets’ for the Cathedral. The ‘pilgrim pockets’ for the Cathedral have been a disaster, and am too embarrased to go there and show them, but I must deal with it!

In December I bumped into Trish and we thought we should get together with Mary, so this was arranged and we started our ‘tryptich’ in February. Interstingly, Trish was my craft teacher when I was at school, then I returned to school when it opned its doors to ‘mature students’ and at that time mary was teaching. Trish’s husband also taught me ‘tech drawing’ so an interesting adventure!

Anyway have been making bits and am a somewhat jaded by the religious stuff, but it invades everything, even if you try to avoid it .

Having started taking people around the gardens, and learning vast amounts about plants, I thought I might turn to plant images, but hey, that needs some playtime….

Keep watching, who knows, I may post something new and interesting soon – I hope it is both!

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