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Update – Overdue!

It has been some time since I posted anything on here, there are of course lots of reasons for this!

In May I gave up my job, which was entirley mad and has recently been described as a ‘strike’ rather than a resignation! Many reasons though.

This has given me the time – supposedly,  to feed my creative passions, but tell me where the time has gone….

Have done lots, have been to two weddings and printed six metres of fabric for the first one and tried in vain to make a hat for the second, although I did make a garter. I used to make garters in the early 80′s and did very well, in fact probably could be owner of my own big business by now if I hadn’t gone to art college….. who really knows?

Must mention the hat, look at www.neridafraiman.com I had one of her hats for this wedding as Dorit works for her….fabulous.

Perhaps I should post a photo of the garter.

We went to the theatre in Bath to ee the Woman in the Van by Alan Bennett, I had read about this when the story was serielised in a Sunday paper many moons ago. It was brilliant, we also went to the Bath Museum of Fashion.

After the wedding we went to the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics- London 2012, this was amazing, we spent the weekend in London and managed to pack in some extra things too; the Orbit, the Bauhaus at the Barbican and lunch with Dorit, a trip on flyemirates cable car, a visit to the British Museum. Again (as in January) I ended up feeling pretty dreadful, so not sure if I don’t get on with their air conditioning or something like the lighting, but it wasn’t an easy visit.

WEnt to Brittany again 3 times since I last posted, with twinning and without so took 100′s of photos.

Went to Helman Tor, amazing visit with my girlfriends, we just sat on the tor, had lunch and sat somemore, it is on the Saints Way. WEndy Mewes ad introduced it to me earlier in the year. Wendy is writing a book about the pilgrims route through Cornwall into Brittany, Wendy lives in Brittany, have a look at www.reddogbooks.com

Have taken some paintings to france with a view to an exhibition, originally for Easter next year(2013) but now it seem that if it i granted it will be 2014. As I write this I have as yet no confirmation.

There is I have to admit other opportunities emerging in Brittany, but the detail of this is yet to be confied and sorted before I can say anything.

Artistically, I have been rather bereft as so many other ‘normal life’ things have got in the way. It is debatable whether I have allowed them to, but that is how it goes – oh to be a man!

Anyway it is not that I have been without stilmulation, photography has taken some roll in maintaining my creativity and using some of my time. That said, our recent visit to Brittany took us to visit the Isle de Batz just off Roscoff, we had been doing lots of gardening – the weather was perfect, so it made sense to visit a garden!

We also went to the cairn du Barnenez just north of Morlaix, this is incredible and worth a visit, it makes one realise how vulnerable all our sites have been and how they too may have been vandalaised over the centuries, go, you will see what I mean.

We had already booked to return via Cherbourg (this was more fortuitous than we could have imagined – major Bruttany Ferries strike) and so proceeded to Normandy for visits to Honfleur, Deauville, Trouville and that coast, and a visit to the Bayeaux Tapestry.

THIS WAS TRULY AMAZING! GO if you can…it is a must see especially if you are interested in stitch, narrative art, niave art, history and so much more.

It affected me, that I have been stimulated into action, plus buying a book that I had seen there at (extortion amount of euros) E35, when I got back I got it via Amazon for £13… it is spectacular, ‘The Bayeaux Tapestry’ by David M Wilson, there are others although useful the plates in this book are head and shoulders above any other book/postcard etc as they are large and in brilliant detail, like seeing it again and getting abit closed – although not quite the same!

That arrived yesterday as did a gift from Sheila ‘The art of wonder- A history of seeing’ by Julian Spalding, this is a must read history of art, as it takes a ‘back to basics view’ can’t describe it otherwise, find your self a copy and give it a go, if you don’t like it/enjoy it then pass it on, it is one for the world!

So, yes, working away stimulated by sights – the wonder of art and seeing….

Watch this space for the next, hopefully not quite so long interlude, and new work…

Having met Louise Connolly from Falmouth Art Gallery, I am hoping to have a meeting with her at the end of October, perhaps early November. What I would really love to happen is to get some funding for a body of work on responses to Bayeaux Tapestry.




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