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Resources: Exhibitions and Books

Got to the Grayson Perry Exhibition at the British Museum. Felt unwell but had to go, was just in the metropolis for 24 hours and the exhibition finishes around the 24th February having been extended.

It was undobtedly a wonderful exhibition, but…. in the early throws of a migraine the dark room with focused lighting was not the best, and, I so hate crowds in these situations, such is the popularity of art these days ‘everyone’ goes and so there isn’t the time or space to stand and stare. Do all those people really want to go, or just to say they’ve been? Queues and timed tickets, waht exactly is that about – commercialism?

There was, perhaps, insuffiscuient information about the works by the Bristish Museum, nothing about any of the techniqies employed, in some effort to ‘revere’ the cafts people of the past. One piece that I thought was stunning was a ‘tunic’, since I have gained much more information and find it was actually an ‘amuletic’ tunic inscribed with writing and hung inside with leather  pockets with writings/prayers etc. The labelling just said cotton and leather, in the display case it was difficult to find/see the leather…it was only in the catalogue and the exceptional photography in it that the leather was clear and one could actually see the script.

The catalogue I had bought back in October from our local(brilliant) bookshop, had squirrelled it away, but feeling better and seeing it again it was like beng back at the BM but like a private view, almost as if someone was allowing me to look around on my own.

The other exhibitions I amanaged to take in was the ‘Charmed Life’ at the WEllcome Collection and along side that one was the ‘Infinitas Gracius; Mexican Miracle Paintings’ both of which were fantastic.  I was especially pleased as I had seen it via the internet and had forgotten about them, so when I found they were still on in Time Out on the journey up, I was delighted.

While at the Wellcome I visited their shop and found a brillant book on Milagros, and it was jolly expensive, not surprising as it is specialist to say the least! Got home and found it on the internet. Brilliant!

So as I write this the Devon Guild submission looms large and, well, who knows….

Must get some images together and post them, comments please

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