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Resources: Books

The first of the books mentioned below is fantastic, the best.

Hildur Bjarnadottir, her work is fabulous and her principals and philosophies are much in line with my own thinking, so must make contact with her. www.hildur.net

Work has moved on, and I am now thinking specifically for the AA2A exhibition in a few months time. Have planned the body of work, now just to get it done, and not get in the way of the third years as they run up for their finals.

Dr Jayne has just completed a weeks glass course and learnt all the things you need to know, I feel I am still learning, and this would have been helpful ealy on, but this isn’t what the scheme is about. Learning new skills is great but the basics need to be given in a structured way especially when there is so little time. From the basics, experimenting can been given free reign. The books below have helped.

Have to get to grips with digital stuff now to prepare the pieces for the show. Waiting to hear when he exhibition for the AA2A is.

Have four pieces in the annual Cancer Research Exhibition in Liskeard, go along and buy one!

The books:

Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting: David Revere McFadden

Paper Metal Stitch: Magie Grey and Jane Wild

Three Dimensional Embroidery: Janet Edmonds

Clearly Inspired, Contemporary Glass and its Origins: Chambers and Oldknow

Techniques of Kiln Formed Glass: Keith Cummings

Embroidery for the Church: Pat Beese

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