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Resources: Books and other stuff

Have just been to York for a wedding and along to see my wonderful poet friends in Cockermouth. Found a book in their shelves ‘The Handbook of Collage’ this is really great but now a little out of date, but gives a solid grounding to the medium. Must get a copy!

Visited York Minster, a little disappointing as much is altered through acts of violence, vandalism and natural disaster. Some redeeming features though among the stone work, and a few interestingly placed items. The glass was very interesting as it has fragmented so badly over the centuries it is quite black with leading holding it all together. The large window is being repaired and perhaps the largest bit of digital art hangs in its place, a fascinating story.

Pillows are happening for me at the moment, along with collage, Joseph Cornell’s work is really interesting and those who were influenced by him after, and the cross over with the Bauhaus movement, so it will be great to go back to that and have another look – takes me back to college and Edward Cooper’s perverse humour at dropping me in it in an art history lecture by telling me to take it! It was about the Bauhaus and fortunately I was inspired by it, so no real difficulty there then! Must admit it was only about 10 minits worth, but sufficiently painful anyway!

Must just pop in here that I bumped into Paul Wadsworth and mentioned his ‘Black Cloth’ project, he is still doing it and I offered to give it a go if he was still looking for participants. I then spent sometime workingout all the things I would do, and have drawn them in a book, so if he responds to my e-mail I will start to pepare! No that will be exciting and will put a link to his site anyway – www.paulwadsworth.co.uk

AA2A well no joy there as far as an exhibition was concerned…put all store, effort and expectation into one and it didn’t transpire. Rubbish!

However must say that the experience changed my work and all sorts emerged from the experience and overal it was a really positive experience. The bad bits to come out is what a shambles UCF is….and a deeper understanding of how the universities work also - Rubbish!

A negative day perhaps because I have to take my wonderful library books back and can’t access any more now.

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