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Resources: Updates and New Discoveries

This is the card for the time of year, my art in a box! I discovered that in Mayan culture that they have a sacred tree and the red tree represents the east and the rising sun! Made before the the trip that follows:-

In November I went to Spain, to Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim. It was part of a longer holiday, but the Guggenheim had to be done and was the main reason for going by this route!

It took four hours, an hour a floor and one for lunch sitting outside in the sunshine!

The exhibitions were Richard Serra, Brancusi and Abstract Expressionism, alongside, oops, can’t remember his name…Baselitz.

The exhibitions were amazing, but the Serras were too big for the space, which was a real shame, however I must say that to make sound in them was  really interesting, how the sound of my voice vibrated and altered in them.

Brancusi was good too and in total contrast, although Serra was hugely influenced by him.

Now the inspirational bit for me was the paintings, the Abstract Expressionists, wonderful… it was the colour field stuff that did it for me, bowled over, excited and I just wanted to get into my ‘studio’ and start to work…. but not possible for at least a fortnight!

So I discovered Helen Frankenthaler, Alberto Burri,  Antoni Tapis, Mark Rothko ( I know of Rothko’s work, but hadn’t appreciated the context before, it  wasn’t my time to ‘see’ it!), Morris Louis, Robert Motherwell, Yves Kline, Barnett Newman, Franz Kline, Lucio Fontana…

All the information gestating , bubbling around in my head. I came back but have been thwarted by the real world of work! This hasn’t stopped little bits of experimenting happening, so continuing to ‘work’!

Yesterday went to the Tate St Ives to see  ‘Undiciplined Painting’ Abstract art from 1960. This too had a fantastic impact on my inspiration, and has informed the ‘stuff’ going around the grey matter. Here it was Blinky Palermo who triggered the biggest response, although there were others.

Sadly there is little around about the colour field artists, something is missing then…..

So what now? Oooooo lots, but I must make a diptych for my brother for Christmas. He always asks, without exception, for Peace (piece?) and Quiet, so for over 20 or so years  Ihave been trying to come up with altenative ideas on this theme. It gets tougher every year! So this year I am going along the box route. The boxes it has to be said are influenecd by Joseph Cornell, and I am so far pleased with the early results, combining so many skills and with many challenges.






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