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Hydrangea or Hortensia Brooches

A strange move perhaps, a deviation even, but sometimes life is like that!

Back in June I was in Brittany and at a meal with friends one guest noted how the napkins had hydrangeas on, in France hortensia’s. The lady said how they were her favourite colours and how they matched her necklace. There is more to this lady, but not for this page.  Anyway, I asked as I left, ‘did she wear brooches’, half thinking  ’oh yeah,  and exactly when are you going to get the time to do this’ and offered to make one.

The plan anyway was to return to Brittany for a holiday about two weeks later. On returning to the UK I started to think ‘hydrangea’ so off I went. I am never quite sure what startes the ball rolling, but within a few days the piece emerged. I have this first one as there are some small things about it that I am not happy about. I then set about making a ‘proper’ one for Martine. ( Martine was over the moon with her brooch, and seemed very touched, and amazed that one had turned up so quickly!

They are made by recycling my paintings, those that I have moved on from, that no longer work, or have never worked and have or haven’t been shown. Because of the nature of the paintings it isn’t straight forward to paint over them, so reuse/transformation is the best option, and besides it doesn’t deviate too far from the principles of my main work – the paintings.

Having made several I took them to the gallery where I work and received a  better than expected response, and have sold one! Sadly though one sale a month  is not sufficient.

I did some market research regarding price and general response, this was positive so perhaps there are opportunities out there.

Do let me know what you think.

 small brooches

Small brooches price £30 ( Trade prices available for orders of 10 or more, no post and packing charges, please contact me and leave a telephone contact)

Then I was asked to make a really large one! So I did, but creativity just doesn’t stay still, and I went on from that to create, or rather expand on the idea…there are more ideas to emerge, and they are currently rumbling around in my head.

 These are the large ones, hence popping a tape measure along side. The brooches are £65.00 and with a back painting add a further £65.00 unframed, plus p&p. (Trade prices available)

Please be aware that each brooch is individually made, so there are always variations in colour. If you prefer a  colour theme  ie purples, or blues etc, please just specify this and allow me some time to create your own piece.

28 August 2011. This one is based on the lace cap in Autumn, as I look at hydrangeas every day I have noted how the colours alter and vary and how they are turning to the dry, ochres and browns as they ‘dacay’ and turn to lace. This means that I have incorporated lace, not only on the cap but also the petals.

large brooch

The large brooches are being incorpoated into paintings, images to follow. JUST ARRIVED see below!

Work is available for exhibitions, please contact for more information.

If you know of a shop/gallery that might be interested please let me know so that I may contact them.

Do keep watching this spaces for each bloom as it appears!

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