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Very overdue update!

March 17th, 2013

Here we are, how many months into the year? Shocking not caring about my site or my zine….

Anyway since last year I have got a new job, and have had to do masses of research, this has kept me really busy, and away to some extent from my creativity. That said, I have been sketch book working, designing and organising my Christmas cards and designing and making ‘pilgrims pockets’ for the Cathedral. The ‘pilgrim pockets’ for the Cathedral have been a disaster, and am too embarrased to go there and show them, but I must deal with it!

In December I bumped into Trish and we thought we should get together with Mary, so this was arranged and we started our ‘tryptich’ in February. Interstingly, Trish was my craft teacher when I was at school, then I returned to school when it opned its doors to ‘mature students’ and at that time mary was teaching. Trish’s husband also taught me ‘tech drawing’ so an interesting adventure!

Anyway have been making bits and am a somewhat jaded by the religious stuff, but it invades everything, even if you try to avoid it .

Having started taking people around the gardens, and learning vast amounts about plants, I thought I might turn to plant images, but hey, that needs some playtime….

Keep watching, who knows, I may post something new and interesting soon – I hope it is both!

Update – Overdue!

September 29th, 2012

It has been some time since I posted anything on here, there are of course lots of reasons for this!

In May I gave up my job, which was entirley mad and has recently been described as a ‘strike’ rather than a resignation! Many reasons though.

This has given me the time – supposedly,  to feed my creative passions, but tell me where the time has gone….

Have done lots, have been to two weddings and printed six metres of fabric for the first one and tried in vain to make a hat for the second, although I did make a garter. I used to make garters in the early 80′s and did very well, in fact probably could be owner of my own big business by now if I hadn’t gone to art college….. who really knows?

Must mention the hat, look at www.neridafraiman.com I had one of her hats for this wedding as Dorit works for her….fabulous.

Perhaps I should post a photo of the garter.

We went to the theatre in Bath to ee the Woman in the Van by Alan Bennett, I had read about this when the story was serielised in a Sunday paper many moons ago. It was brilliant, we also went to the Bath Museum of Fashion.

After the wedding we went to the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics- London 2012, this was amazing, we spent the weekend in London and managed to pack in some extra things too; the Orbit, the Bauhaus at the Barbican and lunch with Dorit, a trip on flyemirates cable car, a visit to the British Museum. Again (as in January) I ended up feeling pretty dreadful, so not sure if I don’t get on with their air conditioning or something like the lighting, but it wasn’t an easy visit.

WEnt to Brittany again 3 times since I last posted, with twinning and without so took 100′s of photos.

Went to Helman Tor, amazing visit with my girlfriends, we just sat on the tor, had lunch and sat somemore, it is on the Saints Way. WEndy Mewes ad introduced it to me earlier in the year. Wendy is writing a book about the pilgrims route through Cornwall into Brittany, Wendy lives in Brittany, have a look at www.reddogbooks.com

Have taken some paintings to france with a view to an exhibition, originally for Easter next year(2013) but now it seem that if it i granted it will be 2014. As I write this I have as yet no confirmation.

There is I have to admit other opportunities emerging in Brittany, but the detail of this is yet to be confied and sorted before I can say anything.

Artistically, I have been rather bereft as so many other ‘normal life’ things have got in the way. It is debatable whether I have allowed them to, but that is how it goes – oh to be a man!

Anyway it is not that I have been without stilmulation, photography has taken some roll in maintaining my creativity and using some of my time. That said, our recent visit to Brittany took us to visit the Isle de Batz just off Roscoff, we had been doing lots of gardening – the weather was perfect, so it made sense to visit a garden!

We also went to the cairn du Barnenez just north of Morlaix, this is incredible and worth a visit, it makes one realise how vulnerable all our sites have been and how they too may have been vandalaised over the centuries, go, you will see what I mean.

We had already booked to return via Cherbourg (this was more fortuitous than we could have imagined – major Bruttany Ferries strike) and so proceeded to Normandy for visits to Honfleur, Deauville, Trouville and that coast, and a visit to the Bayeaux Tapestry.

THIS WAS TRULY AMAZING! GO if you can…it is a must see especially if you are interested in stitch, narrative art, niave art, history and so much more.

It affected me, that I have been stimulated into action, plus buying a book that I had seen there at (extortion amount of euros) E35, when I got back I got it via Amazon for £13… it is spectacular, ‘The Bayeaux Tapestry’ by David M Wilson, there are others although useful the plates in this book are head and shoulders above any other book/postcard etc as they are large and in brilliant detail, like seeing it again and getting abit closed – although not quite the same!

That arrived yesterday as did a gift from Sheila ‘The art of wonder- A history of seeing’ by Julian Spalding, this is a must read history of art, as it takes a ‘back to basics view’ can’t describe it otherwise, find your self a copy and give it a go, if you don’t like it/enjoy it then pass it on, it is one for the world!

So, yes, working away stimulated by sights – the wonder of art and seeing….

Watch this space for the next, hopefully not quite so long interlude, and new work…

Having met Louise Connolly from Falmouth Art Gallery, I am hoping to have a meeting with her at the end of October, perhaps early November. What I would really love to happen is to get some funding for a body of work on responses to Bayeaux Tapestry.





April 12th, 2012

There is lots to say, there should be lots to show, but all recent work will have to wait….have taken on board sooo much information that my recent work has gone off at a tangent and I have received a variety of comments, enough to make me re-evalue and revisit my early work.

Who was it that said’ to travel and return to know the place for the first time’  Dylan Thomas or was it the one who wrote Little Gidding?

“We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” Correct quote and Yes – TS Elliot

Next is to work through some new ideas that take on borad all the recent information and tie it in with some of my arlier work.


Resources: Exhibitions and Books

February 10th, 2012

Got to the Grayson Perry Exhibition at the British Museum. Felt unwell but had to go, was just in the metropolis for 24 hours and the exhibition finishes around the 24th February having been extended.

It was undobtedly a wonderful exhibition, but…. in the early throws of a migraine the dark room with focused lighting was not the best, and, I so hate crowds in these situations, such is the popularity of art these days ‘everyone’ goes and so there isn’t the time or space to stand and stare. Do all those people really want to go, or just to say they’ve been? Queues and timed tickets, waht exactly is that about – commercialism?

There was, perhaps, insuffiscuient information about the works by the Bristish Museum, nothing about any of the techniqies employed, in some effort to ‘revere’ the cafts people of the past. One piece that I thought was stunning was a ‘tunic’, since I have gained much more information and find it was actually an ‘amuletic’ tunic inscribed with writing and hung inside with leather  pockets with writings/prayers etc. The labelling just said cotton and leather, in the display case it was difficult to find/see the leather…it was only in the catalogue and the exceptional photography in it that the leather was clear and one could actually see the script.

The catalogue I had bought back in October from our local(brilliant) bookshop, had squirrelled it away, but feeling better and seeing it again it was like beng back at the BM but like a private view, almost as if someone was allowing me to look around on my own.

The other exhibitions I amanaged to take in was the ‘Charmed Life’ at the WEllcome Collection and along side that one was the ‘Infinitas Gracius; Mexican Miracle Paintings’ both of which were fantastic.  I was especially pleased as I had seen it via the internet and had forgotten about them, so when I found they were still on in Time Out on the journey up, I was delighted.

While at the Wellcome I visited their shop and found a brillant book on Milagros, and it was jolly expensive, not surprising as it is specialist to say the least! Got home and found it on the internet. Brilliant!

So as I write this the Devon Guild submission looms large and, well, who knows….

Must get some images together and post them, comments please

Grayson Perry

December 5th, 2011

Really important – ‘Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman at the British Museum’, must get to see it before it closes…

Resources: Updates and New Discoveries

December 3rd, 2011

This is the card for the time of year, my art in a box! I discovered that in Mayan culture that they have a sacred tree and the red tree represents the east and the rising sun! Made before the the trip that follows:-

In November I went to Spain, to Bilbao to visit the Guggenheim. It was part of a longer holiday, but the Guggenheim had to be done and was the main reason for going by this route!

It took four hours, an hour a floor and one for lunch sitting outside in the sunshine!

The exhibitions were Richard Serra, Brancusi and Abstract Expressionism, alongside, oops, can’t remember his name…Baselitz.

The exhibitions were amazing, but the Serras were too big for the space, which was a real shame, however I must say that to make sound in them was  really interesting, how the sound of my voice vibrated and altered in them.

Brancusi was good too and in total contrast, although Serra was hugely influenced by him.

Now the inspirational bit for me was the paintings, the Abstract Expressionists, wonderful… it was the colour field stuff that did it for me, bowled over, excited and I just wanted to get into my ‘studio’ and start to work…. but not possible for at least a fortnight!

So I discovered Helen Frankenthaler, Alberto Burri,  Antoni Tapis, Mark Rothko ( I know of Rothko’s work, but hadn’t appreciated the context before, it  wasn’t my time to ‘see’ it!), Morris Louis, Robert Motherwell, Yves Kline, Barnett Newman, Franz Kline, Lucio Fontana…

All the information gestating , bubbling around in my head. I came back but have been thwarted by the real world of work! This hasn’t stopped little bits of experimenting happening, so continuing to ‘work’!

Yesterday went to the Tate St Ives to see  ‘Undiciplined Painting’ Abstract art from 1960. This too had a fantastic impact on my inspiration, and has informed the ‘stuff’ going around the grey matter. Here it was Blinky Palermo who triggered the biggest response, although there were others.

Sadly there is little around about the colour field artists, something is missing then…..

So what now? Oooooo lots, but I must make a diptych for my brother for Christmas. He always asks, without exception, for Peace (piece?) and Quiet, so for over 20 or so years  Ihave been trying to come up with altenative ideas on this theme. It gets tougher every year! So this year I am going along the box route. The boxes it has to be said are influenecd by Joseph Cornell, and I am so far pleased with the early results, combining so many skills and with many challenges.






New Work

October 23rd, 2011

Introducing the latest work, just finished!

The subject continues unabated continuing to develop The images below are ‘Reliquary l’ and  Reliquary ll’. Three dimentional, collage boxes.



 Photography by Paul Mounsey. www.paulmounsey.co.uk


A View of my Work

October 13th, 2011

Hello, dear Haddow. 

I am writing to thank you for your beautiful Breton card. It is (honestly) staggeringly beautiful. The design is clean and light, yet reminiscent of old, religious, ornate. The colours are just so sympathetic with what seems to be going on in our house – my mother’s icon, the old, golden, unthrowawayable curtains in the sitting room, my kitchen dresser. I just feel as if you came here and drank us in and responded with a deep empathy. Either that, or what you are doing these days is resonant with what I happen to be drawn to – as ever.

I saw your website and am well-impressed!  First, I think your dolls are so funny and yet kind of scary – like a cross between (forgotten her name!) that French artist who had an exhibition at the Tate modern about five years ago – makes body parts and is very Freudian – and voodoo dolls – (with a smattering of Beryl Cook perhaps) but forgive me my limited knowledge and vocabulary. I don’t have much to draw on making comparisons.

I think your icons are intriguing – the strong, geometric pattern and modern looking materials sit alongside, encompass or reframe the old, anonymous stitchwork as though you were shining strong light on something small, dusty and embarrassed that suddenly transforms into something glorious and intelligent. Your series of Hydrangea brooches are similar. Hydrangeas are really interesting, aren’t they? From places like theHimalayas, they end up in the most boring, unimaginative settings in English front gardens for example, or seaside fronts. Yet they are devastatingly beautiful, aren’t they? The way they change colour and What gorgeous, subtle colours they become ! But at certain stages, they’re like comical pom-poms – silly and too all one shade . What you’re doing with them enables me to look at them again and see them as modern, geometric, mathematical designs. Their organic qualities (for example, the way each petal varies in tone and hue) feel celebrated, yet you seem to see them as beyond decay, ideal. I could honestly get really obsessive about them and also about what you say you are interested in – the metaphor of the stitch. I have a treasured old book on hand embroidery and keep promising myself that I will play embroidery one day. But of course it would take years! I would like to make a ‘blackwork’ pictorial map of Brigham- a long strip of cream linen with probably nothing but black stitches on it to represent the houses, roads and trees, walls, quarries. But I would also like to lift the piece out of being naïve. Any ideas?


I’ve got loads on today, and I thought I really wouldn’t have the time to express my excitement at what you’re doing – but when there is a pressure inside of excitement and gratitude, expression needs no thought –just opening and spilling.  What a privilege.


Seen any Larch needles yet? They colour is amazing!


Resources: Books and other stuff

October 4th, 2011

Have just been to York for a wedding and along to see my wonderful poet friends in Cockermouth. Found a book in their shelves ‘The Handbook of Collage’ this is really great but now a little out of date, but gives a solid grounding to the medium. Must get a copy!

Visited York Minster, a little disappointing as much is altered through acts of violence, vandalism and natural disaster. Some redeeming features though among the stone work, and a few interestingly placed items. The glass was very interesting as it has fragmented so badly over the centuries it is quite black with leading holding it all together. The large window is being repaired and perhaps the largest bit of digital art hangs in its place, a fascinating story.

Pillows are happening for me at the moment, along with collage, Joseph Cornell’s work is really interesting and those who were influenced by him after, and the cross over with the Bauhaus movement, so it will be great to go back to that and have another look – takes me back to college and Edward Cooper’s perverse humour at dropping me in it in an art history lecture by telling me to take it! It was about the Bauhaus and fortunately I was inspired by it, so no real difficulty there then! Must admit it was only about 10 minits worth, but sufficiently painful anyway!

Must just pop in here that I bumped into Paul Wadsworth and mentioned his ‘Black Cloth’ project, he is still doing it and I offered to give it a go if he was still looking for participants. I then spent sometime workingout all the things I would do, and have drawn them in a book, so if he responds to my e-mail I will start to pepare! No that will be exciting and will put a link to his site anyway – www.paulwadsworth.co.uk

AA2A well no joy there as far as an exhibition was concerned…put all store, effort and expectation into one and it didn’t transpire. Rubbish!

However must say that the experience changed my work and all sorts emerged from the experience and overal it was a really positive experience. The bad bits to come out is what a shambles UCF is….and a deeper understanding of how the universities work also - Rubbish!

A negative day perhaps because I have to take my wonderful library books back and can’t access any more now.

Hydrangea or Hortensia Brooches

August 13th, 2011

A strange move perhaps, a deviation even, but sometimes life is like that!

Back in June I was in Brittany and at a meal with friends one guest noted how the napkins had hydrangeas on, in France hortensia’s. The lady said how they were her favourite colours and how they matched her necklace. There is more to this lady, but not for this page.  Anyway, I asked as I left, ‘did she wear brooches’, half thinking  ’oh yeah,  and exactly when are you going to get the time to do this’ and offered to make one.

The plan anyway was to return to Brittany for a holiday about two weeks later. On returning to the UK I started to think ‘hydrangea’ so off I went. I am never quite sure what startes the ball rolling, but within a few days the piece emerged. I have this first one as there are some small things about it that I am not happy about. I then set about making a ‘proper’ one for Martine. ( Martine was over the moon with her brooch, and seemed very touched, and amazed that one had turned up so quickly!

They are made by recycling my paintings, those that I have moved on from, that no longer work, or have never worked and have or haven’t been shown. Because of the nature of the paintings it isn’t straight forward to paint over them, so reuse/transformation is the best option, and besides it doesn’t deviate too far from the principles of my main work – the paintings.

Having made several I took them to the gallery where I work and received a  better than expected response, and have sold one! Sadly though one sale a month  is not sufficient.

I did some market research regarding price and general response, this was positive so perhaps there are opportunities out there.

Do let me know what you think.

 small brooches

Small brooches price £30 ( Trade prices available for orders of 10 or more, no post and packing charges, please contact me and leave a telephone contact)

Then I was asked to make a really large one! So I did, but creativity just doesn’t stay still, and I went on from that to create, or rather expand on the idea…there are more ideas to emerge, and they are currently rumbling around in my head.

 These are the large ones, hence popping a tape measure along side. The brooches are £65.00 and with a back painting add a further £65.00 unframed, plus p&p. (Trade prices available)

Please be aware that each brooch is individually made, so there are always variations in colour. If you prefer a  colour theme  ie purples, or blues etc, please just specify this and allow me some time to create your own piece.

28 August 2011. This one is based on the lace cap in Autumn, as I look at hydrangeas every day I have noted how the colours alter and vary and how they are turning to the dry, ochres and browns as they ‘dacay’ and turn to lace. This means that I have incorporated lace, not only on the cap but also the petals.

large brooch

The large brooches are being incorpoated into paintings, images to follow. JUST ARRIVED see below!

Work is available for exhibitions, please contact for more information.

If you know of a shop/gallery that might be interested please let me know so that I may contact them.

Do keep watching this spaces for each bloom as it appears!