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Resource: Poem: A Woman Knitting Herself into a Labyrinth, by Maureen Wilkinson

The following poem by Maureen Wilkinson, I originally heard at the Falmouth Poetry Festival, it has lived with me through the years and I have often referred to it because it says so much and uses anologies that I too use in my work. Maureen paints too, although her work is very different to mine. [...]

Resources: Books and Web

It has been a while since I updated this, but have been busy being creative and focussing on finalising work for AA2A. It hasn’t stoppped the research which continues apace…. Most recent is to give you the web adress that I found after listening to a radio article on BBCR4 about list and inventories www.cam.ac.uk/research/features/300-years-of-list-making/ [...]


Had this e-mail ….go have a look! I’ve just added your zine to the zineopolis online reference catalogue here: http://www.envf.port.ac.uk/illustration/zineopolis/collection/n/number90.htm Thanks and best wishes, Jackie

Resorces: More Books

Next lot of books towards AA2A exhibition – still don’t know when this is….. The Culture of Death: Benjamen Noys Vigor Mortis; The End of the Death Taboo:  Kate Berridge Death, Memory and Material Culture: Elizabeth Hallam and Jenny Hockey Ritual and Remembrance: Responses to Death in Human Societies:  no record of the author, sorry [...]

Resource: Women’s Library

I studied at what is now London Metropolitan University, when I graduated in 1991 it was City of London Polytechnic. The place I used alot was the then Fawcett Library, but is now the Women’s Library, have a look at www.londonmet.ac.uk/thewomenslibrary or just google the Women’s Library. If you are in London, then pop along….

Resources: Books

The first of the books mentioned below is fantastic, the best. Hildur Bjarnadottir, her work is fabulous and her principals and philosophies are much in line with my own thinking, so must make contact with her. www.hildur.net Work has moved on, and I am now thinking specifically for the AA2A exhibition in a few months time. Have [...]

Resources: Derrida & Pharmakon

A while ago I was recommended to look at Derrida, several people including the person who reccomended him said he was difficlt to grasp, but the book ‘ An introduction to Derrida’ ( Derrida for Beginners)  by Jeff Collins is really great and explains quite simply about the ‘undecidable’  and the’ pharmakon’.  This is a [...]


Anyone heard or know of Shelterbox? It is a fantastic organisation so have a look at www.shelterbox.org  So appreciating what I have, I have donated a painting to an auction in January, do hope that it makes a reasonable amount of money for Shelterbox. The auction is being held at Lays of Penzance www.davidlay.co.uk The [...]

Resources: Art & Spirituality

There is a local group looking at Art & Spirituality, it met yesterday and the discuassion was really intersting, but didn’t last long enough. It was particularly interesting as it felt as if we were all linked, each subject worked in with the next and took on a sort of ‘primordial beat or energy’. Does [...]

Resources: Brittany

Back in Brittany again, saw some of the same places, and some new, many photos for reference.