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Very overdue update!

Here we are, how many months into the year? Shocking not caring about my site or my zine…. Anyway since last year I have got a new job, and have had to do masses of research, this has kept me really busy, and away to some extent from my creativity. That said, I have been [...]

Update – Overdue!

It has been some time since I posted anything on here, there are of course lots of reasons for this! In May I gave up my job, which was entirley mad and has recently been described as a ‘strike’ rather than a resignation! Many reasons though. This has given me the time – supposedly,  to [...]


There is lots to say, there should be lots to show, but all recent work will have to wait….have taken on board sooo much information that my recent work has gone off at a tangent and I have received a variety of comments, enough to make me re-evalue and revisit my early work. Who was [...]

Resources: Exhibitions and Books

Got to the Grayson Perry Exhibition at the British Museum. Felt unwell but had to go, was just in the metropolis for 24 hours and the exhibition finishes around the 24th February having been extended. It was undobtedly a wonderful exhibition, but…. in the early throws of a migraine the dark room with focused lighting was [...]

Grayson Perry

Really important – ‘Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman at the British Museum’, must get to see it before it closes…

Resources: Updates and New Discoveries

This is the card for the time of year, my art in a box! I discovered that in Mayan culture that they have a sacred tree and the red tree represents the east and the rising sun! Made before the the trip that follows:- In November I went to Spain, to Bilbao to visit the [...]

New Work

Introducing the latest work, just finished! The subject continues unabated continuing to develop The images below are ‘Reliquary l’ and  Reliquary ll’. Three dimentional, collage boxes.      Photography by Paul Mounsey. www.paulmounsey.co.uk  

A View of my Work

Hello, dear Haddow.  I am writing to thank you for your beautiful Breton card. It is (honestly) staggeringly beautiful. The design is clean and light, yet reminiscent of old, religious, ornate. The colours are just so sympathetic with what seems to be going on in our house – my mother’s icon, the old, golden, unthrowawayable [...]

Resources: Books and other stuff

Have just been to York for a wedding and along to see my wonderful poet friends in Cockermouth. Found a book in their shelves ‘The Handbook of Collage’ this is really great but now a little out of date, but gives a solid grounding to the medium. Must get a copy! Visited York Minster, a [...]

Hydrangea or Hortensia Brooches

A strange move perhaps, a deviation even, but sometimes life is like that! Back in June I was in Brittany and at a meal with friends one guest noted how the napkins had hydrangeas on, in France hortensia’s. The lady said how they were her favourite colours and how they matched her necklace. There is more [...]