About Haddow

Personal Biopic

Where do I start, how do I explain about why I paint the way I do?

Certainly I paint because I cannot truly explain in words what I try to communicate by other creative means.

It might seem evasive to direct you to the ezine but that is where you will find out more about my artistic journey, my process, how the work evolves, the inspirations, the information and research that goes to make the work.

At a physical exhibition, I lay bare the complexities of the work through sketchbooks, scrapbooks of cuttings (information from magazines, newspapers, books and the internet).  These are made available to the visitor to browse, there is far too much material to make the whole of them available on line.

I am happy to learn of your observations  about the work so please contact me

By downloading my CV you will see that I graduated in Silversmithing and Jewellery, I did this after leaving my job of 10 years in the beauty industry. Leaving college in 1991, during a recession, jobs were difficult to obtain anywhere let alone in the arts field.

Without going into great detail, I have had numerous curious jobs and currently have just one part time /going on full time jobs as a Gallery Sales Assistant, somehow I find time to do my art work, and all those usual awful jobs like cleaning and cooking! I live in sunny Cornwall with my partner John and spend as much time as possible in Brittany.